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Top 5 best ironing boards

Household activities and the rest of the general chores in the world were being coupled with new measures that optimized their performance, making the user feel more comfortable when working and investing the least amount of possible time while running it. One of those home activities is ironing clothes, which is crucial today to give a clean and smooth look to clothing.


Showing off a perfect ironing on our garments, it is something that goes beyond having the best iron or the most powerful steam ironing station on the market, why? To iron any garment, a comfortable work area is required, in which the iron can slide without problems, and that does not absorb the humidity produced by the steam, so you will need the best ironing board.


If you are investing in a new professional ironing board, we tell you everything you need to know about them to buy the best one for you and your needs.

General information

Once the clothes are dry after being washed in the washing machine, we find mountains of wrinkled clothes all over the house on many occasions. On the sofa, on a bed, on the living room table, etc.


To cope with that amount of clothing, the best thing, in addition to a good steam iron, is an ironing board that is firm, resistant, and easy to store, since it brings enormous benefits in every way when doing this housework.


Ironing may not be the most enjoyable chore of all, but if you have the tools, it is made a lot easier. If you want to smooth clothes properly, the ironing boards are the only ones that guarantee a suitable flat surface for this task. Having a large or small ironing board also ensures a more comfortable and more relaxed ironing.


An ironing board is a holder that is used to iron clothes. Most consist of two elements: a flat surface and a foldable structure.


The surface consists of a long and narrow piece that can be made of different materials and is covered by a padded material to place the clothes to be ironed. The structure consists of a metal (or even wooden) easel with two or four rigid legs, although some models can be fixed to the wall.


Having the best ironing board is a considerable advantage for the following reasons:

  • It makes ironing an enjoyable task.
  • The ironing area is adjustable in height to guarantee more excellent safety and comfort.
  • Some of them come with grids or supports to place the ironing centers or the steam irons.


Another reason to buy the best ironing board is to maintain proper posture when doing this task. If you iron at the wrong height for a long time, your back and even your arms or neck will probably hurt.

Remember that the idea is that you can do this task easily, quickly and, above all, comfortably and without negative consequences for your health.

Comparison table

When looking for an ironing board, you will find many models. You must consider the main characteristics to evaluate and make an assessment regarding your needs.

Size, materials, weight, sleeve and pad, iron rack or ironing center, and included accessories are key factors to consider.

Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide


* BOARD MATERIAL: Plastic Reinforced with Metal
* COVER MATERIAL: 6mm Fiber Pad & Matte Free 100% Cotton Cover
* STAND BASE: Flat Folding 32mm Steel Tubes
* EXTRA FEATURES: Built-in sleeve board
* WEIGHT: 16 lbs
* DIMENSIONS: 49 x 18 x 38 inches – 65 x 18 x 38 inches (with iron rest)


Brabantia Ironing Board with Iron Rest, Size C


* COVER MATERIAL: Foam Pad & 100% Cotton Cover
* STAND BASE: Flat Folding Ivory Frame
* EXTRA FEATURES: Available in 22 or 25mm frame
* WEIGHT: 19 lbs
* DIMENSIONS: 49 “x 18” x 62.5 “(w / o iron rest) – 59” x 18 “x 62.5” (with iron rest)


Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board


* BOARD MATERIAL: Steel with White Epoxy Coating
* COVER MATERIAL: Thick Fiber Pad & Cotton-Canvas
* EXTRA FEATURES: Easily mounts to the wall, the board swivels 90 left and right, and you can lock it in place in any position and fold it up against the wall
* WEIGHT: 20 lbs
* DIMENSIONS: 37.37 ” x 11.87 – 12.4 “x 20.6” x 4.87 “(folded)


Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board


* BOARD MATERIAL: Durable steel mesh top
* COVER MATERIAL: Scorch-resistant cotton cover and foam pad
* STAND BASE: Steel legs
* EXTRA FEATURES: Steel legs fold flat for compact storage; no-skid protectors provide enhanced stability and prevent scratches
* WEIGHT: 2.15 pounds
* DIMENSIONS: 28.5 x 12 x 0.7 – 12 x 29 x 5.5 inches (Assembled)


Household Essentials 974406-1 Extra Wide


* BOARD MATERIAL: Plastic Reinforced with Metal
* COVER MATERIAL: 8mm Fiber Pad & Matte Free 100% Cotton Cover
* STAND BASE: Flat Folding 28mm Steel Tubes
* EXTRA FEATURES: Ventilated board top is made from natural plant fibers, which could include a sleeve board.
* WEIGHT: 15.4 lbs
* DIMENSIONS: 49 “x 18” x 38 “(w / o iron rest) – 63” x 18 “x 38” (with iron rest)


Description of each ironing board individually (parameters, pros, and cons)


Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide

This is one of the best ironing boards; it offers almost unlimited ironing possibilities. Its upper part is expansive, making ironing clothes easy. Its legs are built to allow optimal ironing stability, while still fully maintaining its aerodynamic appearance.

Likewise, the padded surface helps the iron to slide smoothly, reducing wrinkles. At the same time, the Iron Rest, accompanied by heat-resistant pads, enables you to hold your iron at an ideal angle to facilitate your homework.

Also, by including the Hanger Bar, you can hang clothes to save time while doing this housework.


* Its surface is quite wide, allowing you to iron any type of large size clothes quickly.

* This ironing board is made of good quality materials, which guarantees its durability over time.

* The Iron Rest is metallic and allows you to place the iron at an angle perfect for steam irons.

* Its legs are well designed so it will stand firm on the ground without dangerous wobbles.

* Thanks to the solidity of its construction and the materials used, it is quite heavy, making it more stable.

* Its materials are biodegradable, which is an essential factor for the environment.


* The table surface’s color is very light, which is not convenient in the long term because it can get stained.

* Although the surface is padded, it is not as padded as that of other models.

* The Iron Rest can be small for several models of larger plates.

* The bottom of the board is plastic, so that it could break with excessive use.


Brabantia Ironing Board with Iron Rest, Size C

The Brabantia ironing board is designed to use it with all kinds of irons, including steam centers. It can support up to 7 kg of weight.

All its surface is covered by a material made with 100% cotton, offering quick ironing and without locking at any time. It also has a safety edge so that the iron stays in place, this is why it’s one of the best ironing boards.


* Although we have not mentioned it, one of the aspects that the brand takes the most care of in its products is its design. Thus, the Brabantia ironing board is available with several different covers, all with a beautiful aesthetic.

* Regarding its size, this model follows the line of offering a very wide space so that we can work more comfortably. Large items of clothing can be ironed quickly and easily.

* When adjusting the height, we will be able to select between seven different levels.

* It is a compact model with two locking systems: One keeps the board folded up when not in use. The other system prevents it from being accidentally dropped once opened.

* On the other hand, it is a model that offers a large work surface.

* Also, the shape of its tip is designed to better place the shoulders of shirts and blouses.

* The frame is quite robust, and the legs have anti-slip protection, so it is not only stable and safe to use, but also will not scratch the floor.

* Your Iron Rest is perfect for steam irons and Steam Iron Stations.


* It does not have a cord extension, which can limit the mobility of the boat.

* It can be huge for some people.

* The cover may not stand the test of time due to the quality of the material.

* The cover that includes dark colors in the design can stain light-colored clothes.


Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

This is one of the best Ironing Boards due to its resistance. It is ideal if you have very little space. Once opened and unfolded, it can rotate up to 180º to be able to be placed in the most comfortable position according to the available area. To collect it, it folds over on itself and folds vertically, thus occupying minimal space.

Not only is it collapsible, but it also rotates left and right and folds in half, taking up even less space. The ironing surface is one of the largest of this type of article. Perhaps that is why it is among the favorites of users.


* It can be locked in the left, right, or tilted position.

* The ironing surface is 96 cm x 30 cm, making it larger than other brands.

* Its locking mechanism makes it more stable and prevents it from moving while you iron.

* Its cover is made of cotton and its lining with foam and elastic to ensure a good grip.

* In addition to the Ironing Board, the contents of the box include the wall mounting bracket, folding stand, cover, fastening materials, and instructions on operation and mounting.


* The elastic on the cover will eventually loosen, which could make ironing your clothes difficult.

* The padding on the surface tends to flatten and harden over time.

* Some users find it challenging to install the ironing board on the wall.

* The surface may tilt slightly with use, so use with heavy irons is not recommended.

* It has no Iron Rest, which limits the amount of surface available for ironing.


Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board

This is the best compact ironing board, it’s ideal for small apartments or when you don’t need to iron a lot of clothes. Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to place on any table or surface to iron a few pieces of clothing quickly.

Likewise, the Whitmor ironing table is ideal for small spaces and for traveling because it does not take up much space.


* The foam-padded cover cushions ironing and make it easier for us to deal with severe wrinkles. It is covered with a cotton fabric that helps absorb heat and prevents the garment from slipping while we pass the iron over it. We must take into account that a cotton cover is a little more fragile than a synthetic one, so be careful with excessive force when pressing and sliding the iron across the board.

* This ironing board comes with sturdy steel mesh, with vents that quickly displace steam to remove wrinkles from clothes.

* It has a retractable hook to hang when it is no longer in use.

* Its legs are stainless steel with anti-slip so that it will resist over time.

* Despite its small size, it offers a comfortable ironing surface. However, it is slightly narrower than conventional boards; we will have no problem ironing shirts, pants, or dresses in one or two steps depending on the garment.

* It does not have an adjustable height, but leaning on any surface gives us two main advantages. The first is that when placing it on any conventional table, it ensures that while we iron, our position is totally upright, not as it happens many times when we iron almost lying on the table.

* Its two legs offer us total stability in its front and rear; unlike other tables, this is reduced to four support points, one for each leg. Also, it has four non-slip protectors that prevent the table from slipping and take care of the surfaces where the table rests, avoiding scratches or marks.


* In some cases, the pattern printed on the cover can stain light-colored clothing.

* The padding on the cover is not that thick, making it a little more difficult to remove wrinkles.

* Its size is compact, making ironing large pieces of clothing a bit difficult with this ironing board.

* Its materials are not as resistant as other ironing tables.


Household Essentials 974406-1 Extra Wide

This ironing board has been able to merge practicality with convenience, as it is perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of time ironing clothes. Its price is affordable, and it is durable over time thanks to the materials used in its construction, so it is one of the best ironing boards available.


* It includes a sleeve board that comes out from the bottom of the board, making it easy to iron the shirts’ sleeves.

* Its Iron Rest is quite large and adjustable so that any iron can be placed there regardless of size. Likewise, it also allows you to hang clothes thanks to its large space.

* It is very large, so you can quickly iron any piece of clothing regardless of size.

* Its metal structure and legs give it the solidity and stability necessary to last over time.

* Its legs have a built-in lock that will allow them to be kept safe when stored in an upright position, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

* The surface of the board is highly padded, making it easy to remove wrinkles.


* It could deteriorate with the excessive use of steam.

* Its size could be excessive for many users.

* If you have a small space in the home, it is advisable to look for a smaller option.

* The Iron Rest cannot be easily removed, so if you want to use the wide part of the board, it won’t be easy.

How to choose the best ironing board

We know how important it is to have the best ironing board at home, but when you are looking for one, it is not enough to read the best ironing board reviews, but several factors must be taken into account:

The material

Let’s start by evaluating the table itself or the ironing area. The material can be wood, metal, or plastic, but even more critical are the cover and the pad that we will see later.

The material determines the weight and lightness. If the base is metallic, make sure that it is very well protected with a coating that prevents oxidation. The size of the table is also essential if we want to iron large items such as suits.

The dimensions

Another feature to check is the total dimensions of the table, both open and closed, to see if it fits you well in the ironing area and where you will pick it up and store it.


This is an aspect that is directly related to the material of the table. Although the model you choose must be robust, you should consider that these are made of wood or steel and tend to weigh more.

So if a light ironing board is what you need, you may want to opt for a table ironing board.

On the other hand, models with “T” type legs are also an alternative because they are lighter. However, they are not as robust as the boards that have four legs. In any case, it is recommended that you make sure that the legs have non-slip protectors to guarantee stability further when choosing a model.

Ironing board height

This means that the iron board can be adapted to the height of each user so that the shape of its structure also varies.

The stand base: its shape

In the market, we may have seen that there are different ironing boards. Still, we had never realized (this distinction is not very important, so do not worry if you had not reached this conclusion) that all of them are classified in two groups being able to distinguish between:

* FOLDING IRONING BOARDS: they can be stored in any corner of the house, horizontally or vertically.

* FIXED IRONING BOARDS: These are those that must be kept horizontally at all times, that is, from the moment we assemble it to its total collection since there is no other way to store it.

The legs

The legs of the table determine the stability and the weight it can support. Generally, the legs have different positions to assess the working height, and adapt to each person, avoiding back pain.

The legs must have a safety lock that prevents accidental closure. You should consider if you want them to have wheels to facilitate the movement and make sure that the base’s rubber stops are non-slip.

Iron rest and hanger

Occasionally, ironing boards come along with a stand to place the steam iron and ironing centers.

Likewise, they usually bring a folding base where you can place the clothes once they are ironed and folded.

The cover and the pad

Some people call it a fleece. It is interchangeable and replaceable. There are several qualities of covers for the table:

* THE BASIC ONES: they have only the top layer of cotton and the fleece itself at the bottom.

* THOSE OF MEDIUM QUALITY: they incorporate an intermediate layer of foam to give a better cushioning to the iron, and they also put a fragile metallic sheet to improve the distribution and maintenance of heat.

* THE BEST QUALITY: the aluminum or titanium sheets have micro-perforations that allow the passage of steam and heat but prevent the passage of water, and the consequent dripping or propensity to rust the base’s surface is metallic. These better quality covers are essential for ironing centers that produce a higher amount of steam. They also provide a double ironing effect, the direct effect of the iron surface, and the indirect effect produced by bouncing the heat from the table onto the clothes. This effect generates time savings and an iron quality that is much appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different models of ironing boards?


These are the models that can move from one side to another because they have a structure that allows it.

This group includes tabletop ironing boards, which are the models that must be placed on a surface such as a table or a desk, and that have a small axis mounted on two folding legs.

The second models in this category are the most popular, as they are folding ironing boards. These have a long and narrow table mounted on a structure that can be metal or wood. It is a folding ironing board thanks to its legs, so it can be easily stored in any wardrobe and even under the bed.


In addition to portable models, some tables are fixed. In this group, we can also find several designs or versions with some different characteristics.

One of these models is the wall ironing boards, which must be installed at the right or most comfortable height for those who will use it since they will not be able to move afterward. They are an option for those who have little space since they do not even require a table.

Another option for fixed models is ironing boards with furniture, which may or may not be hidden. They tend to be slightly more expensive models because they have more space, specifically with shelves and even drawers. Others can also conceal the table to become a different piece of furniture on which you can rest a vase or some other element while it is not in use.

How much is the best ironing board worth?

The ironing boards have very different prices, since factors such as the model, whether it is portable or fixed, the size, the brand, the materials, among other things, come into play in its cost. However, we can say that the price range of these tables is between 20 and 200 USD more or less.

Of course, to have a good ironing board, you don’t need to spend as much. You can get excellent options between 30 and 100 USD, depending on your needs.

Cabinet models are slightly more expensive. An ironing board with a cabinet can cost just over 170 USD, but you will have a multifunctional cabinet since the table is hidden.

How to use an ironing board?

There is nothing complicated about using an ironing board. However, it is good to be clear about which steps are the most important to follow when using it for ironing.

This is what you should do:

* Put the ironing board in a suitable place. This in case it is a portable model. Try to locate it in a cool and comfortable area, preferably where you have room to move.

* Regulate the height of the table. Before you start ironing, you should make sure that the board is the right height. This should allow you to put your hand on the table, have your arm slightly bent, and maintain an upright posture.

* Use a quality cover. It is best recommended that you put a thick cotton cover. It may be a good idea to use a heat reflective type, which allows clothes to be smoothed on both sides simultaneously.

* Read the labels on the clothes. Each fabric is different, so you should be clear about how each one is ironed.

* Be careful. It is essential that you iron carefully to avoid accidents. Try not to place the hot iron directly on the cover, for this, you have the iron rest.

Where to keep an ironing board?

It will depend on the size of the table itself, but once folded, you can store it standing in a closet, behind a door, in any gap between furniture and even on top of the closet if you have no more room around the house.


Some ironing boards have functions geared toward meeting individual needs. For example, there are ironing boards with a flap for easy ironing of the shoulder area on shirts and T-shirts.

Others rotate 360º to iron both sides of a shirt or T-shirt without adjusting it. Even if you look in the most professional range, you will find irons that remove steam from clothing for incredible results.

This is what you should consider when buying the best ironing table:

* If you have extra space in your house where you can do the ironing task, you can opt for a fixed ironing board. That will allow you to buy a robust, heavy ironing board of excellent quality.

* If you prefer a folding ironing board, you can find many options when storing it. A table ironing board is very light and can be stored anywhere.

* If you have a small, light ironing board, you can hang it on the top door frame and iron in the room where the board hangs. A small ironing board is not at all practical for ironing large laundry.

* If you have space, you can even mount the table on the wall. After ironing, you can fold it, and it is quite hidden.

* We recommend a 4-leg folding ironing board. They can be stored anywhere. They are also the most common, and you can find endless options.

Despite a wide range of ironing boards, we recommend that you opt for a quality board since, over time, you will notice it not only in the result of your ironing but also in health. Make sure that it is robust, made of quality materials such as wood or steel, has four legs with a stable structure and a quality iron rest, and above all, that it is foldable. Pay special attention to the case and pad. It is always better that the cover material is cotton.

As you see, each ironing board is a world, and there are many characteristics to consider. Not everyone needs a professional ironing board, nor does everyone need the cheapest ironing board. Depending on the iron you have, the budget, and the results you want to obtain, it will be better to choose one or the other.