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Вest Ironing boards

How to choose the right one
The main criterion is coverage. There are four common types:

Chipboard related to low-cost and non-durable surfaces. This is due to the fact that it is prone to deformation, staining and swelling from moisture.
Multi-layer plywood with increased functional qualities. Make sure that it is water-resistant and has a thermal protection layer.
Metal, which is the most practical, since it is a perforated sheet or mesh of steel. It is moisture-resistant, passes steam.
Plastic with a heat-resistant base. Refers to expensive purchases, but has a light and strong frame.
The Ironing Board should not be too heavy, as it is most often used by women. This criterion must go together with stability and strength. The device cannot bend under pressure or stagger under manipulation.

An important criterion is considered to be the Ironing area that meets the needs of the buyer and the possibilities of living space. A narrow and short Board is just as inconvenient as a wide and long one, so you should select the unit taking into account the optimality. When folded, it ideally takes up the minimum amount of space, so that it can be removed without a long search for a suitable corner.

For comfortable Ironing, it is important to have a height adjustment option, since adjusting to the different height of the user is an advantage. This criterion is combined with the reliability of fixing when setting the desired height.

An extreme criterion, but not unimportant – the presence of additional functions that simplify the process (vacuum, blowing, heating). Thanks to them, Ironing becomes easier, more effective and without harming the underwear and yourself.

Rating of the best Ironing boards
This list includes popular models of Ironing boards for household use according to customer reviews.

Nika Ironing Board 9 (H9)

The material for the production of the Board was a lightweight furniture pipe, the working area-a perforated metal sheet covered with fabric. Stability is achieved thanks to plastic tips on the legs. After Ironing, it is compactly assembled into a flat structure, the height of the table is adjustable. Cost-1,730 rubles.


optimal working surface size
socket and iron wire holder
built-in extension 2.2 m.
easily adjustable in height

after about an hour of Ironing the metal bends slightly from the heat
Nika Ironing Board 9 (H9)
4.570 reviews
By popularity

Nick’s Ironing Board (9) N9 1220h400mm
480 reviews
1 844 ₽

Ironing Board Nika 9 H9, with stand for iron, extension, shelf for linen and sleeve…
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6417 reviews

Nika H9 Ironing Board

Nick’s Ironing Board 9

Nick 9 Ironing Board (N9)
Techno Empire

Nick’s Ironing Board 9

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It has a perforated surface, a compartment for Laundry, a platform for Ironing sleeves and a cover. The Board has a socket and an extension cord that allows you to connect the iron. The design is stable due to metal legs with plastic attachments. Height change is available (47 cm-97 cm). Price-3,000 rubles.


large Ironing surface-convenient to iron bed linen
smooth height adjustment
convenient Laundry table
a fairly narrow and long platform for Ironing sleeves
suspension for hangers
convenient folding and unfolding mechanism

large weight (about 10 kg.)
4.571 reviews
By popularity

Nick’s Ironing Board HAUSHALT SOPHY cinnamon

Nick HAUSHALT SOPHY cinnamon Ironing Board, 123*46 cm

Haushalt «Sophy Cinnamon» Ironing Board, 123 x 46 cm

Nika Ironing Board «HAUSHALT SOPHY» 123 X 46 CM (1/2) metal

Ironing Board Haushalt Sophy Cinnamon HSK 123. 5×46 cm metal with a shelf for linen and…

Nika Ironing Board «HAUSHALT SOPHY» 123 X 46 CM (1/2) metal

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Braun IB3001 BK

Ideal for irons with a steam generator. The construction is covered with fabric, which makes the process fast and sliding. There is a stand for the iron. The installation density is achieved by means of rubber feet. An additional function is to adjust the height of the Board. There are seven levels available.


concise design
good quality fabric cover – clothing does not slip
convenient stand – it is convenient to use the steam generator
large, wide platform for Ironing
the thermal cover is easy to remove, easy to erase

Braun Ironing Board IB3001 BK

Braun IB3001 BK Ironing Board
Household Appliances. MSK

Braun IB3001BK Ironing Board

Braun IB3001BK Ironing Board (AX12810001)

Ironing Board Braun IB3001 BK

Braun IB3001 Ironing Board

Braun IB3001BK Ironing Board (AX12810001)

Attribute Teflonix ABT142

The simplified design of the Board is combined with stability due to metal legs. It has a curved shape. The base is executed in a net version. For convenience, there is a stand under the iron. The working surface has an impressive size (130*47 cm). The structure is folding. The average price is 5,100 rubles.


large countertop surface
the presence of a stand for the steam generator and iron
unfolds and folds quickly and easily
moves on wheels
thanks to the mesh structure, the steam passes through the underwear more easily – the steaming effect is better
folding protection
the folding height can be adjusted smoothly (from 15 cm to 100 cm)

many buyers noted the defect (the grid of the working surface of the Board is uneven, torn cover, folding legs-supports are welded to the table top crookedly)

Attribute teflonix abt142 Ironing Board

4607183819359 Ironing Board TEFLONIX 130x47cm ATTRIBUTE IR. BOARD ABT142

ABT142 Attribute teflonix Ironing Board 130x47cm

Attribute teflonix abt142 Ironing Board

Nika Valencia 1 (NV1)

It has earned respect due to its compactness and practicality. Easy to fold and carry. It doesn’t take up much space. The size of the working area is 123*45 cm. It is made of wear-resistant metal, has strong legs and a cotton covering of the working surface. Cost-3,500 rubles.


cord bracket
built-in socket
stable legs
the cost is much lower than foreign analogues
height adjustment up to 1 m
linen shelf, extension cable

not fixed when folded
Nika Ironing Board Valencia 1 (NV1)

Ironing Board Nika Valencia 1 NV1 123×46 cm metal with a shelf for linen and towels…

Nick’s Ironing Board Blues
The goods for the house

Nick Valencia Ironing Board 1

Ironing Board Nika Valencia 1 Caribbean Turquoise NV1 / 7

Ironing Board Nikka Valencia NV1 Macaroons

Nika Valencia 1 Ironing Board with iron stand, armrest, shelf and socket…
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Leifheit AirBoard Compact M Plus

The Board is popular because of its ultra-light and reflective surface, which allows you to iron at times faster. The compact unit has a stand for the iron, an electrical connection and a holder for the cable. Adjustable height (up to 95 cm). The base is made of a perforated polymer. The price is 6 900 rubles.


light weight (5 kg.)
optimal dimensions (not too large)
the Ironing surface is moderately soft
adjustment for uneven surfaces
recirculation system through the base of the Board

short cord (1.8 m)
Leifheit Ironing Board AirBoard Compact M Plus
4.511 reviews
By popularity

Airboard Compact M Plus Ironing Board (Leifheit 72586)

Leifheit AirBoard Compact M Plus Ironing Board (72586)

Leifheit AirBoard Compact M Plus Ironing Board

Ironing Board Leifheit «Air Board Compact Plus M», with electric connection, 120 x 38 cm

Ironing Board LEIFHEIT AIRBOARD Compact Plus M, 120×38 cm, with electric connection (golu…

Leifheit Ironing Board AirBoard Compact M Plus blue/grey

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HAUSMANN Light Board

It is characterized by high stability, but it has a small weight. It is equipped with a step-by-step height adjustment, anti-slip foot attachments, and a heat-reflecting work area. Made of metal and durable plastic. The Ironing Board has optimal dimensions, which allows you to use different sizes of underwear. Cost-3,900 rubles.


wide platform
light weight
table top with perforation