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Beds for Girls Left
Fall 2017
Beds for Boys Left
Fall 2017
Beds for Girls Left
Spring 2017
Beds for Boys Left
Spring 2017


 Please note we are not offering vegetarian options. We are unable to provide meals for special dietary needs.

If there are no beds left for the semester you are applying for – please defer from sending an application as you still will be charged the non-refundable fee of $120.

We are currently full for the Fall 2017 semester 

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If you are interested in leasing a space in one of our stylish suites, simply register with us using the fields provided in this page. You will be prompted to pay a non-refundable $120 Application Fee on the next page. Upon successful payment of the Application Fee, you will be directed back to our site to complete the online Application portion of the leasing process with The Orchid House of Santa Barbara. The payment of the $120 non-refundable Application Fee and the completion of the Online Application do not guarantee automatic acceptance of your application. Your application will be reviewed, and within 72 hours you will receive and email from indicating whether your application has been “Approved”, “Denied”, or “Additional information is required”. Please make sure to save the above e-mail address in your contacts to avoid our notifications be tossed in your mail Junk folder. If you have any question, please call us at the (805) 965-2333.

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